Manual patch management got you on edge?

Sometime soon, another hacker will exploit a vulnerability in Firefox, Chrome, or Java that was already patched.

Relax. Automate those patches like a pro.

Show me how


(as if you weren't going to already)

No, don't get up

Are you wearing out your sneakers just updating software? Stay in your comfy chair and PDQ Deploy it. All of it.

What can I deploy?

Oh snap... who has Java installed?

I love coming in Friday morning and learning that Java has a new security vulnerability, then rushing around the office to see who's affected! - said no one ever

Your time is worth more than that. Also, that's no fun. Take the weekend off, and let PDQ Inventory do the heavy lifting.

What about powered-off machines?

Who uses your software?

Disney, Lockheed Martin, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, and the school where my mom worked before she retired (thanks, mom!). We're popular with schools, governments, and any business who needs great deployment software without spending a small fortune.

Yeah, but do they like you?

Dude... help me sell this to my boss

Easy breezy.

Calculate my ROI

After a few months, it'll be like we're paying you to save time (and frustration!)